Champion Interview: Formula Enterprises Series – Scott Rettich

Scott Rettich enjoyed a dream season in 2011, winning the SCCA Pro Racing Formula Enterprises Series title in nearly perfect fashion. The Ohio driver recently discussed his championship-winning campaign and the future with EFCN.

EFORMULACARNEWS.COM: Let’s start things off by looking back at the year you had. Being as you entered the SCCA Pro Racing Formula Enterprises Series as the top returning driver with multiple wins on your resume, what were your goals before the first green flag waved? Did you feel any pressure to win the series title?

SCOTT RETTICH: First off, I would like to take the time to thank all the people that helped me to win the SCCA Pro Racing Formula Enterprises title. I would like to thank my parents, who have supported me my entire 17 year racing career, the Alliance Autosport team including Suren, Joe, Al, Ray, Ned, Zach, and the many other great team members who are a part of the organization, the SCCA Pro Staff and corners workers who put on such great events, and my sponsors Redline Oil, Hoosier Racing Tires, PDI Communication Systems, and Springboro Car Wash.

Our goal from the start of the season was to win races and win the series title. We certainly felt some pressure to perform, but we felt that from the start of the season that we were the team to beat, which gave us a lot of confidence heading into the first race.

EFCN: Not only did you capture the series title, but you dominated by winning nine of 10 races and scoring five pole positions. What do you think was the key to this success?

RETTICH: There were many things that contributed to our success this season. It is very difficult to single one out. I would say the keys to our success were our prior experience at all of the tracks, setup knowledge, and extremely good race preparation that allowed us to run all season with no major mechanical issues.

EFCN: As we all know, winning a title takes a lot of hard work. Does one race or battle standout in your mind? Who was you biggest adversary, and what track challenged you the most?

RETTICH: The one battle that standouts the most during the season was the race between Jason Wolfe and I in Round Nine at Road Atlanta. He out qualified me by a couple of tenths and took the lead at the start. I passed him a few laps into the race and then he passed me right back. A lap later I re-passed him and started pulling away when we encountered lap traffic and he caught right back up to me. He likely would have drafted back past me down the backstretch, but he spun.

Patrick Gallagher was my biggest adversary and was the most consistent of my competitors. Towards the end of the season Jason Wolfe really stepped his game up and became a very strong competitor as well.

The track that challenged me the most would be Road Atlanta. We had a very good race setup and we were the car to beat in the races, but I wasn’t quite able to put together the fastest single lap for qualifying.

EFCN: Being as the SCCA Pro Racing Formula Enterprises Series is a development/feeder type championship, what do you think you learned this season that will make you a better driver and will help you prepare for your next racing challenge?

RETTICH: I learned many things during the season that will help me in the future, but the one thing that I learned that really stands out is the importance of driving precisely and not making any errors. I knew that if I wrecked the car in practice or qualifying that we wouldn’t have all night to fix it, we would have very little time, and may not make the race that day. This is a skill that becomes even more important as you move up in racing, as damaging the car becomes more costly.

EFCN: For drivers looking at racing a Formula Enterprises entry in the USF2000 National Championship next year, how would you recommend they prepare for the upcoming season, so they can make the most of the opportunity?

RETTICH: I would recommend that drivers looking to run Formula Enterprises in the USF2000 Series do as much preparation as possible before they get to the race track. Learn the rules, contact the officials with any questions before the event, create a game plan, and make sure the car is prepared well before you get to the track.

EFCN: Before we look at the future, tell us what it means to you to win the 2011 SCCA Pro Racing Formula Enterprises Series title?

RETTICH: Winning the SCCA Pro Racing Formula Enterprises Series title really means a lot to me! Being able to compete successfully against so many fast drivers around the country at some amazing tracks was a great experience. It also looks really good on my resume!

Rettich is seeking to convert his junior formula car winning ways into sports car success in 2012 (Photo: SCCA Pro Racing)
Rettich is seeking to convert his junior formula car winning ways into sports car success in 2012
(Photo: SCCA Pro Racing)

EFCN: With a pro Formula Enterprises Series title now on your resume what are your plans 2012? Will you be returning to the pro FE ranks via the new expanded National class in the USF2000 National Championship, or are you looking move up the the junior formula car ladder in North America?

RETTICH: Our main focus for next year will be running our Rolex GT Porsche full time in Grand-Am. That being said, we may run some pro FE races next year as our schedule allows, but it is unlikely that we would be able to run enough races to compete for the title.

EFCN: Finally, have you had the opportunity to do any testing thus far in the off-season? If so, what have you driven and how did it go?

RETTICH: We have been very busy preparing for the Rolex 24 Hour Race at Daytona. We are testing our Porsche in December at Daytona.


When did you start racing? I started when I was 10 years old.
How would you describe your driving style? Smooth, but aggressive
Favorite track? Sebring International Raceway
Favorite driver? Formula One driver Mark Webber
Favorite non-racing website?
Favorite movie? The Hangover
Favorite music group? Train
Favorite food? Sushi
If you weren’t racing cars what would you be doing? Playing more golf
Current road car? 2007 Mazda CX-9
Dream road car? Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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